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Php Frameworks 2019 Trend

PHP is regarded as a best scripting language for an agile web development. If you are well versed in Php you should definitely adopt php frameworks 2018 trends for a creating a well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.

Though in terms of back-end development, there are a plenty of scripting languages one can opt for but Php is clearly stealing the show in this spectrum as no one can surpass it especially after its adoption for Model-View-Controller pattern to separate presentation and logic. Its Object-Orient programming support is also is one of its core benefit.

Laravel as Modern Php Frameworks 2018 Trend

Laravel is by far one of the most acknowledged and comparatively latest PHP framework out there with an ecosystem that make web application development faster and easier. Its engine Blade supports repetitive tasks such as caching, authentication, routing, queuing etc. Php developers love hassle-free development via laravel.


Symfony is another from php frameworks 2018 trends empowering web developers with code reusability. Even for large scale and enterprise development it comes into play with positive outcomes. Many content management systems like Drupal, OROCRM are banked upon symphony.  Its reusable PHP libraries facilitates you with form creation, object configuration, authentication etc. The Composer PHP dependency manager can be used for symphony components installation.

Codeigniter as light weight Php Frameworks 2018 Trend

With concentration towards a lightweight PHP framework Codeigniter is not new in business. In fact it is a decade old with a straightforward installation process and minimum configuration setting. Though it models and views are optional, but controller classes are mandatory. Its strength is speed even in data base processing tasks. Due to its well documented nature it is a good framework for newbies to work with.

Zend among Php Frameworks 2018 Trends

Zend is a robust and stable PHP framework aimed for complex web application development projects.

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